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Goddamn spawncampers with shotguns
freedumfighters or gtfo
Oh damn TR are fun! Sorry Lamefrog for the pwnage and Justi, I got to see that booty up close and personal on the deathscreen twice :) #Glorious
some variety for you meal [link]
Good good maelstrome.
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Since we still get asked on which server we're going to play, I thought a new post would be wise to make it clear to all of you who are interested in going on a great adventure with us.

  • Server - Dahuta
  • Faction - East (Firran/Harani)

The servers will be online starting this friday, the 12th, at 7pm CET/6pm GMT for head-start and on tuesday, the 16th,
at 7pm CET/6pm GMT for everyone else.

As you probably know by now, if you're reading the Games Forum, we're planing to expand our community into ArcheAge.
For those of you know don't know about it, ArcheAge is a free-to-play sandbox MMORPG with vast continents and oceans.

Short overview of the games features:
  • Housing/Castles (for Guilds)
  • Farming (think Farming Simulator)
  • large scale PvP
  • Arena PvP ranging from 1v1 to 5v5
  • Crafting and Trading
  • Open-World Raid bosses
  • Group-Dungeons

For more information about the games features visit www.archeage.com

Right now the game's in Open Beta and is therefore accessible by everyone until the 8th of September. If you want to give it a shot and want to play with the community we'd recommend joining the Server "Dahuta" and playing either Nuian or Elf.


Server: Dahuta
Faction: East (Firran/Harani)
On Saturday, 5th July, DIGT celebrated their 1 year anniversary of playing Planetside 2.

On Sunday 20 April, the Dignity of War Gaming Community held an Easter Event in Planetside 2, organised by Justicia. There were around 60 participants on teamspeak, and we had a ton of fun!

The event featured lots of shenanigans, like:
  • We had everyone pull a Scythe as Light Assault and fly to a TR infested base. We proceeded to bomb the living hell out of it, clearing out any resistance. You don't know air superiority until a DIG/DIGT air swarm blots out the sun.
  • Everyone went Stalker Cloak Infiltrator and sat on a point, spamming taunts at the enemy. We also stormed a Bio Lab, but that was not very successful :)
  • Mass Harassers were used to clear out enemy bases, and as a race at the very end to an enemy warpgate.
  • One of the events was our prize event. Justicia hid in a base as a TR Stalker Cloaker called EasterEggs, and the participants were dropped from flight ceiling with the instruction to find the Easter eggs. They were only allowed to use knives. The lucky winner was 4nDy from DIGT!
  • Naturally, such an event couldn't go without a Galaxy crash, which we pulled to NC Arsenal, with everyone in the Galaxies as Lasher Heavies.

We hope all the participants had fun. Make sure to join our events in the future!

mmatrooper95 are there any upcoming event i could be in?
The1337Boss Was definitely one of the funnest times on PS2 Right up there with the 3 hours DIGT Hill Sessions ...
Swanzz Was a great event. We have to make more of them in future.

New DIG Rust Server!

Swanzz posted Feb 18, 14  -  DIGRustServer
[EU] Dignity of War |PvP|Sleepers|Rust++|Active Admins|

The server will run for 1 month for now and than we will decide if we keep it running or not.
Recommend it to your friends so we get some people playing on it.

If you want the server to keep running let us know and consider donating to the Community.

A thread with more information will be linked when we finished it.
The1337Boss I just bought it so i'll jump in with you guys later on ...
SkyBro I played it 2 evenings right now. after the 1st one i got addicted to it. ...
Swanzz I agree. You should buy it Arquin.
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