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DIG will play Emerald. DIGT check the forum.
No, neither did DIG though, which means we've sat out 3, fusses may need to be kicked up
did DIGT got picked for cobalt match?
V has come to.
Yerp... it's hard on the mind when people (like me) run into fire without thinking
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So, last week I reported that we got a grand total of 203 million last op. Now, thanks to some help from Alissa's new friend, we managed to mine a grand total of 403 MILLION isk, which was split amongst 7 characters at 60 million each. Almost half a Billion! 

Thanks to:

  • Alissa
  • Maelstrome
  • Samej
  • Gwydion
  • HunterZero4
  • The1337Sheep

Fancy joining us? Let Maelstrome or Alissa know your intent and we can get you started!

reratull I see lot of Venture on you screen, do you use a Barge to mine a belt? And I don't see any defenders, do you mine only i ...
midstthieves well.. I tried to contact you guys but it seems no one cares :/ i have maelstrome link but i dont know what to do i mea ...
Mmgftw Might be handy to let everyone know about the free 2 month thingy?

Today 7 couragous EVE Online players ventured out to the cold depths of space and mined asteroids for two hours.

Great profit was made. 3 Members abstained their profits allowing the others to reap the profits.

A grand total of 203 MILLION ISK was generated in about 2 hours.

Since 4 people wanted the isk, they all got 50.6 million ISK each. That's quite a chunk of money folks!

Many thanks to:

  • AlissaFX
  • Samej321
  • Flapjacky
  • HunterZero4
  • Gywdion
  • Maelstrome26
  • MadMogul

If you're interested in playing EVE, let me or Alissa know and we'll get you started :-)

AlissaFX1 At the moment i prepare for the next big op on sunday. Player owned starbase is up in Ekid for compressing ore. bought 3 ...
HunterZero4 Why don't we have a forum yet for this
Zippere I was there... but... yeah... i woke up a few hours later... haha

Indeed, two admins from Planetside Battles have resigned, and unfortunately I'm one of them. The other one was RedolentBastard, one of PSB's key administrators from the US, who is one of the founding fathers of ServerSmash.

We have a forum thread regarding the drama in our General Chat. I'd like to ask members to leave all debate and opinions in that forum post and NOT the shoutbox. Feel free of course in the thread to share your opinions on the topic.

So what does this mean for myself, being one of the admins resigned?

This means, hopefully, I'll have a lot more time to pour back into the community. I'm hoping to start up our EVE Online section of the community, as I really want to give PS2 a bit of a break.

Therefore, if DIG shows enough interest, I'll happy found our corporation and make some internet ISK ;-)

We also have a poll running on making this a Recreational Game currently, please make sure you vote on it!

cptwott i'll miss you on Miller . But keep us posted on Eve Online, I used to play for a month or so, I think it's really fun t ...

For those of you who're into streaming, this might be interesting and a way to get more viewers.

I've played around with the Twitch Settings and Modules Enjin as integrated and placed a convinient little Streamer-List on the right side of the Website.
Right now only Justicia is featured in the list and will only show up when he's actually streaming, so the module itself is adaptive and changes in size depending how many streamers are online at the same time.

If you want to be added to the featured streamers list just send me a PM and I'll get to it ASAP.

Another Twitch Feature you can find in the bottom right of your browser window when you're on our site. It's a small Twitch Icon that shows you which streamers in the community are currently online. Everyone can set this up on his/her own in the personal Enjin settings. For a tutorial how to do that click HERE

Hope you like the new feature and if you have any suggestions or need anything from the staff, don't hesitate to ask ;)

Today we welcomed 4 new Supervisors to the Community-Staff

Pip (otherwise known as Cassandra)

but at the same time we had to say goodbye to one of our admins.

Justicia felt it was time for him to step down after being of service to the community for over 1 1/2 years. Before ushering a lot of words here, I'll leave that to him in his own forum-thread.

Taking over the position as third admin we nominated N0Name4Me and hope he grows into the spot Justicia has left us with.
The treasurer position and the responsibility of keeping the community-members informed about our financial state falls on Gwydion.

Please welcome the new Staff-Members and give them some time to get accustomed to their new positions ;)

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